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Cashewy, Phuket, Thailand Cashewy, Phuket, Thailand Cashewy, Phuket, Thailand

Cashewy, Phuket, Thailand

Cashewy Juice Cashewy Juice Cashewy Juice Cashewy Juice
Cashewy Juice is the winner of Phuket Heritage Festival ( for year 2003) at Patong Beach

The juice contained in the cashew apple has several important medical properties.It can

  • treat gastric diseases
  • stop vomiting
  • as a gargle, relieve sorethroat
  • increase the excretion of urine
  • induce perspiration
  • increase one's resistance to venereal diseases
  • treat abdominal dropsy

The Brazilians like drinking cashew apple juice very much, believing that it can cure chronic constipation and relieve pains and aches caused by neurasthenia and arthritis. Cashew apple juice also serves to stimulate the brain and strengthen your memory. Mixed with vodka or brandy, it will make you full of vitality and particularly energetic. Now, cashew apple juice is a brand new quality product availble nowhere else in Thailand and Asia except at Sri Supphaluck Orchid in Phuket.

Cashewy Juice Cashewy Juice Cashewy Juice Cashewy Juice
Drink It Daily to Make You Healthy

Instruction: 1:4

  1. A glass of ice cube(12 oz) and pour sada water.
  2. Add 5 caps of cashewy juice about 1 oz.
  3. Stir with spoon and ready to serve cold for good taste.

Top secret formula cocktail drink
For more exotic refreshing cocktail drink "Paradise cocktail"

Simply poru on(01) oz, either Vodka/Whisky/Brandy/Gin/Beer or Wine in a glass with a cashewy juice and pinch of salt. Shake it well before drinking the Paredise cocktail

Cashew Juice

Cashewy Juice Cashewy Juice Cashewy Juice Cashewy Juice
Most Valuable Fruit Juice For Your Health

Cashew Juice is highly beneficial to your health. It has the following special properties :

  1. It makes you feel refreshed, energetic and strong.
  2. It reduces inflammation and infections of your respiratory tract and strengthen your lungs.
  3. Regular drinking helps prevent common cold. reduce allergic symptoms and soothe your stuffy nose.
  4. It soothes your sore throat, reduces irritation and phlegm, relieves a cough and constriction of the windpipe and makes your voice clear.
  5. It helps balance the yon and yang of your body system.
  6. It helps reduce the symptoms of dysentery, gastric ulcer and chronic stomach disease.
  7. It relieves vomiting, helps increase the flow of urine, helps discharge of stones and sweat, improves the body's resistance to venereal diseases.
  8. It gives warmth to your body.
  9. It improves your eyesight and memory.

Product Description : Cashewy Juice 500 Ml. ( 135 US$/Bottle)

Remark: The above prices are inclusive of "Air Fright" Shipping cost.

Patent application No. 0103002083
Thai FDA License No. 832-026442-0001
Drink It Daily to Make You Healthy

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Cashewy, Phuket, Thailand

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